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Promenant International is a Blockchain Development Company headquartered in Singapore. We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs well equipped to provide end to end business transformation solutions supplemented by latest digital trends such as IoT, ML and Data Science.

Established in 2019 and now headquartered in Singapore (with presence in India and SEA), we are very proud to have worked on endless solutions in blockchain & Tokenomics solutions catering farm-to-fork blockchain provenance, KYC Product, Track and Trace and e-Gaming Coin Exchange.

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Industries we serve
Our Services

Promenant International is a one-stop solution for Blockchain, Crypto & Asset Tokenization related engagements, be it a Consulting Engagement, Building IPs, Product Development & Training Services towards Digital Transformation. We offer:

Blockchain & Tokenomics Consultancy

Understand and articulate the problem statement & resolution of pain areas through design thinking workshops is our approach in engaging & evaluating Customer requirements to meet market demands.

Blockchain as a Service

We help our customers to dramatically lower costs; deploy, scale, and upgrade business solutions and predict total cost of ownership with greater accuracy underlying Blockchain.

Blockchain - Platform as a Service

We build and develop blockchain-based products utilizing our expertise in multiple blockchain platforms. Our customers can focus more on core business functionalities and strategies while relying on their us to manage the blockchain infrastructure and performance.

Blockchain Training

We provide insights to professionals and bright minds on blockchain platforms and relevant digital transformations which in turn equip them to conquer the digital era.


Our leading team of Blockchain experts use their technical skills, product mindset and experience to build end to end solutions that introduce a new level of provenance, efficiency and automation into our customers business processes.

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