About Promenant

Promenant International is a Blockchain Development Company headquartered in Singapore. We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs well equipped to provide end to end business transformation solutions supplemented by latest digital trends such as IoT, ML and Data Science.

Established in 2019 and now headquartered in Singapore (with presence in India and SEA), we are very proud to have worked on endless solutions in blockchain & Tokenomics solutions catering farm-to-fork blockchain provenance, KYC Product, Track and Trace and e-Gaming Coin Exchange.

Promenant International comprises of industry experts & intellects with vast IT industry experience in Sales, Consulting & Delivery sectors. We are well established &equipped to take up the E2E Journey of our Customers towards their Digital Transformational journey and Business Model Disruptions.

Promenant International Pte Ltd
18 Margate Road, Singapore 438058
Promenant Innovations Labs
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560048