Industries we serve

We are well equipped to provide end to end business transformation services and solutions supplemented by
the latest digital trends such as IoT, A&I, ML Techniques and Data Science.

Banking & Financial Services

Promenant provides smart solutions for financial institutions to implement the best Banking IT services to gain customer loyalty, improve functional efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.


We can help insurance companies to tackle challenges ranging from competitive market situation and evolving customer demands to technology driven disruptions like usage of mobiles and more stringent regulations.

Retail & Consumer Goods

By integrating innovative technology and implementing revolutionary business strategies in both physical as well as digital retail environments, Promenant provides end-to-end smart retail solutions.


Promenant can help Healthcare players to transform business models with apt healthcare IT solutions to deliver customer engagement and customer experience models and enhance operational efficiencies through automation and integration, while adhering to all regulatory requirements.


Understand how Promenant is helping the organizations in the manufacturing industry evolve to draw the buyer of tomorrow. Profitably run conventional manufacturing companies and accelerate new growth with creative business models for mobility.

Travel & Hospitality

Promenant’s travel and hospitality technology services helps organizations in carrier monitoring and meeting the evolving customer demands while achieving operational excellence.

Media & Communication

By embracing the latest disruptive technologies and bold new approaches, Promenant international can help telecommunication and media companies to reinvent the customer experience and reinvigorate their business.

Energy & Utilities

Promenant can support the energy and utility companies to improve interactions and relationships in their entire business ecosystems by enhancing software capabilities for collaboration, gaining deeper customer insights and creating an impact during their customers moments of truth.

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