Celebrity Asset Token

Promenant being a Digital Technology front runner leverages its Blockchain expertise to develop a marketplace for Fans to interact digitally with Digital Assets. Tokenization allows to convert the rights towards an asset or personality, with economical value, into a digital token. These Non-Fungible or Fungible Tokens represent different types of assets from the sports and entertainment industry. There are mainly three factors that contribute towards tokenization;

  • Value Creation: Unleash new value by improving the level of autonomy of ecosystem thereby supporting programmable economy
  • Value Representation: Represent value in terms of monetary, data, assets, etc., which qualifies as a medium of exchange, a store of value and unit of account
  • Value Maximization: Enable value maximization, improving existing processes and facilitating value exchange


Our focus would be to provide tokens for the fans and followers from sports (teams or personalities) and entertainment (shows or celebrities). Fans will have two options:

  • To own Digital assets (Image, Clips, Songs)
  • To access privileged Fan service (Voting, Merchandise)
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