Cargo Tracking

Cargo tracking is global, fragmented and complex. Lack of visibility from start to finish, Little Transparency on Chain of custody, Traceability or Provenance and Limited Mechanism to Identify the owner for loss due to non-adherence of parameter compliance are some of the factors that contribute to the long list of challenges faced by the current shipping or logistics industry. Shown below are few of these challenges faced by the concerned stakeholders,


Problem Area How Blockchain addresses these issues
Gain customer confidence and trust via provenance Decentralized and transparent track and trace system backed by Blockchain can enable the same
Ensure raw materials are transported, stored and handled correctly Enable all supply chain stakeholders on boarded to Blockchain network to share real time transparent data
System to track the visibility of raw materials till finished goods Registering each raw material bundles mapped to batch and associated IoT/Sensors communicated in Blockchain will enable granular tracking and avoid physical tampering
Detect accidental retrieval or damage of goods Blockchain smart contract to notify respective parties when material is not communicating the edge device which is responsible to tracking movement of goods
Track shelf life and avoid mixing of raw materials among different batches                   Mapping of raw materials (Bar code of QR code) with batch IDs at the time of origin from manufacturer in Blockchain will ease tracking shelf life and highlight if there is misplaced in different batch                            


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